The Wenonah Historical Society normally publishes a newsletter in January, May and August. The newsletters are delivered to members electronically by email or by the U.S. Postal Service. If you are interested in contributing an article for the newsletter, please contact the WHS President or Vice-President.

Enjoy perusing through our past editions.

You can view/download an entire year at a time. These PDFs allow you to search for any word in the text through the whole year at once. A valuable feature for those who "know" they saw something but just can't remember which issue it was in. To save space the address page/membership application was dropped from each issue.

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Or go for one of the multi-year files and look through many pages of the newsletter.
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Or go for all the archived newsletters from 2002-2013 in one large file.
WHS Newsletters, 2002, through 2013. There is only one newsletter from 2002 in this file.