Recent and Upcoming Activities

February 2021 Meeting

The Wenonah Historical Society will meet virtually on Friday, February 12th at 7:30 PM. Karen Heller will present Silent Sentinels, which highlights the fight to give women the right to vote and some of the people who sacrificed the most for it.

The link is:
February 2021 StoryWalk

Did you know that:

-- the person who developed the original street layout for Wenonah also created the concept of standard time that is used worldwide?
-- Wenonah had a boardwalk and two hotels, one large enough to accommodate 150 guests?
-- the first ice cream parlor in South Jersey was in Wenonah?

Learn about the birth of Wenonah through the StoryWalk boards, beginning at the library and ending in the park!
For many years, Jack Sheppard Sr, and more recently, Karen Heller, have presented a "History of Wenonah" to the the 5th grade class at the Wenonah Elementary School. Depending on your computer, you may find it easier to right click on the link and save it to your local hard to view it offline.
The attendees at our meeting on March 9, 2018, were treated to the world premier of a video on the Wenonah Historical Society's 2017 Wenonah Cemetery Walk, which was conducted in association with the Wenonah Cemetery Association and Wenonah NJ Post 192 of The American Legion. The video was produced by Michael Farinelli, Senior Manager/Media Services at Cumberland County College. The following link is to the same video, which is now posted on You Tube: