Adele Langston

Adele Langston Rogers - born in Haddon Heights, moved to Wenonah, graduated from Woodbury High School.

Captain of Basketball team at Woodbury High School

On yearbook staff at Woodbury.

Coast Guard Lt. Wilfred "Pete" Johnson of Wenonah dies in plane crash

The first article appeared in the US Coast Guard Bulletin for 1946.

The article attached below gives different information and puts the crash in 1946.

He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery as you can see by following the link below.

Memorial to those lost in the plane crash on Mt. Tom on July 9, 1946.

1948 Wenonah Baseball Team

Keith Kaufman shared this on Facebook, Dec. 19, 2011.

On Dec 24, 2019, Don Gehring filled in the details.

he team was formed during WWII by Bill Queale and my dad George Gehring. We originally played teams from Gibbstown, Mantua, Sewell and Jericho. There were no Leagues. Thru bake sales and collecting newspapers, etc. we finally raised raised enough money for uniforms which my father purchased for Mitchell & Ness in Phila. Most of us were ~14-15 years old then.

Wenonah Elementary Staff late 1950s

Sandy Dipper shared the photo - Mike Morgan adjusted the contrast
May 6, 2010
the teachers.
Names I remember for sure are Kaufmann, Myers, Green, Ralston, Sandra Dunn, Ferrara, Mr Mickel (art teacher) Mr. Summerill (principal).
2nd row, 2nd from left name sounds like Zykoff (not sure of spelling) was 5th-6th grade teacher. Top row 3rd from left was kindergarten teacher. I had most and recognize all but do not recall all of their names. My report cards with other school photos are somewhere in studio, need to locate them.

Slow Sign saved by Marjorie Lentz, preserved by Deborah Lake Mix

Deborah Lake Mix wrote:

Once upon a time, at the end of our lane , attached to a tree, was this sign that said SLOW...

My dear friend, neighbor and Wenonah historian extraudinaire, Marjorie Lentz , shared with me the sign's historical beginnings...
When automobiles became more popular in Wenonah, there were two of these signs, one posted on either end of Mantua Ave. to slow down motorized cars entering the town, (as horse and carriages were still the norm).

Wenonah Babe Ruth Championship team 1970

Larger photos are attached, one with names and one without. Thanks to Mary Lou Wiler for sharing the photograph. One of her brothers is Mick Wiler who is in the photograph.

Labeled in one photo are:

standing from left to right
Mr. Ray Condell
Ron Smith
John West
Bob Schweigart
Fred West
Doug Wesh
Joe Cipriano
Mick Wiler
Mr. Mecholsky

kneeling from left to right
Sonny Mecholsky
Dave Blanchard
Steve Bartleson
Tim Reynolds