1923-24 Wenonah School Students and a teacher, Edna Townsend

Wenonah School Students 1923/1924

Top Row (left to right): ?, Junior Wright, ?

Bottom Row (left to right): none identified

Top Row (Left to right): Ruth Hatch, Connie Cowell (Gendell), Ann Green, May Tedfield or Jane Sickler, Eleanor Carlson

Bottom Row (left to Right): Barbara Hungerfield, ?, Edith Brooks, Lucy Thatcher (Schulz)

Top Row (left to right): ?, Oscar Agren, Buell Snyder, ?, John McComb

1961 Wenonah Hawks Football Team photo

Back Row - the Coaches: Mr. John Wiler, Mr. Al Frank, Mr. Lake

3rd Row, Standing- Rob Lowe, Dave Porter, Charlie Flitcraft, Rick Alexander, Bob Plant, Ted Glenn

2nd Row, Kneeling- Mario Contarino, Ed Budd, Gene Harris, Kingsley Lentz, Chris DeHart, Gary Condell, Bruce McWilliams

1st Row, Seated- Chuck Lake, Jack Wiler, Mick Wiler, Tom Jenkins, Dan Brangan, Danny Parker

William Frederick Allen

William Frederick Allen was on the board of directors of Mantua Land Improvement Company. He also laid out plan of streets and is sometimes called the father of standard time in the US.

Scott Barnes, Wenonah Historical Society Treasurer created a presentation about William Frederick Allen which he hosted online on Friday March 12, 2021. He recorded the presentation and you can watch it on Youtube by following the link below.

1900 "Doc" Schiesser's Drugstore

John died in Wenonah in 1950 at age 93.

Harry married once to Adele Gertrude Taylor but in 1930 was living with his parents without her at 107 E. Poplar Ave, Wenonah
In 1956 he married Rose Townsend and they lived at 9 N. Broadway in Pitman, NJ. Harry died in November 1968 in Pitman.


Contest Winner Mrs. Frances Bossler

Read the coverage of the contest held by the Philadelphia Inquirer during the summer of 1900 on the pages attached below.

Read about the Locomobile at the link below.

What did people do with their spare time in 1900?
Imagine, no computers, no internet, no radio, no television. You could read a book or a newspaper, but if you wanted
something more interactive, what was available?

1900 Biographical, Genealogical and Descriptive History of the First Congressional District of New Jersey, vol 2.

If you will take the time to download the file attached and read it you will some informative and entertaining stuff. You can use the "Find feature in your PDF reader to jump to references to Wenonah.

What in Wenonah would you think a man would fear more than a grizzly bear or an attack by unfriendly natives?

Wenonah people described include and page number




A. W. CAREY, JR. 472 -- an image is included in this biography


1962 Wenonah Little League

Deborah Lake Mix had this photo of the Wenonah Little League from 1962 that her father pictured on the left coached along with Mr. Dipper.

The names of the players are listed below.

Back row
Mr. Lake, Terry Fleming, Herbie Danner, Barry Stockinger, Charles Flitcraft, Mr. Dipper

Middle row
Ed Budd, Mario Contarino, Kurt Klinger, Gene Harris, Duke Klinger, Kingsley Lentz

Front row
John Hinman, Bruce MacWilliams, Gary Condell, Dan Brangan, Jack Wiler, Don Davis

Ramsay the Lion

Larry Smith wrote: Here's a page from the booklet for the 2019 Community Picnic and History Scavanger Hunt that has a few interesting facts about the Comey house.

Bob Thomas wrote: This stone lion was on the grounds of the Comey house for around 90 years. It was for sale at auction at the Comey house and members of the Ramsay family thought it should remain in Wenonah, so they pooled their money and bought it. They donated the lion to the Wenonah Lions Club and it is on display in the Wenonah Park.