4th of July

1976 Liberty Tree Plaque

On July 4th, 2016 Borough Mayor John Dominy presented WHS President Charlie Horan this plaque for the WHS Museum. The plaque was from the Liberty Tree which was downed in the park by the June 2015 mega-winds.

1976 Liberty Tree, a Northern Red Oak, the State Tree of New Jersey, in Borough Park from the Lions Club 25th Anniversary celebration program (November 27, 1976) --- courtesy of WHS Museum

1972 4th of July Program

The activities for the 1972 July 4th celebration look similar to those of the previous decade and a half --- the married men and single men square off in a softball game, and the Original Hobo Band plays the evening concert in the park. However, there is one notable difference from the previous years --- Margie's Luncheonette, a favorite of many, is absent from the list of contributors.