Map of Wenonah N.J. 1770 -1870

This appeared on in January 2015. The original was made in 1935 by M.S. Black, MD, for Mr. Howard C. Hendrickson, in the 81st year of his life. This is apparently a reproduction of the original but I am happy to have it for all the detail that it provides about the early roads and route of the original railroad as it passed through the area that later became Wenonah.

Mr. Howard C. Hendrickson is mentioned on page 3 of the February, 2011 WHS Newsletter Many of the features on the map are also mentioned in that newsletter.

The map was framed by Gimbel's department store in Philadelphia. A scan of the label they applied is linked below. A little more about Gimbel's at this link.

Click on the link below for a much larger scan.