Aerial photo of Wenonah Military Academy

Aerial View of Wenonah and the Military Academy ... courtesy of Jack Sheppard Sr and the WHS Museum.

The card reads

Airgraph showing Portion of Wenonah N.J.and Wenonah Military Academy

There's a site on the web named delcampe.net On Sept. 23, 2014 they listed the same card saying the one that they offered was mailed and the stamp canceled in 1947 and bore a reference number "935" on the card.

Garfield Sieber Pancoast, Wenonah Military Academy, Class of 1933, President

Class Orator


Son of Police Judge Garfield Pancoast, who was class orator at class day exercise yesterday at Wenonah Military Academy.

Camden Courier-Post, June 9, 1933

Camden Boy Presides; 29th Annual Commencement Today

Wenonah, June 8.-Wenonah Military Academy held class day exercis today in the drill hall. The twenty-ninth annual commencement will take place tomorrow.

1904 Football Team, the first football team at the new school

The Wenonah Military Academy's first football team (1904) ... courtesy of Jack Sheppard Sr and the WHS museum.

Top man not known.

L-R Back Row:
Henry Powell '06, Alex Middleton '05, Capt. Percy Jones, Ross Menwin, George Fox '07, Tom Gillingham '07

Front Row:
E. LeGrand Reeves '06, Bill Coffin '07, Russell R. Barrett '08, Charles Dickinson '07, Clarence Hoy, Oscar Hohenstadt, D. Harlow McDermid '07