1920s Life at the Wenonah Military Academy by Linda Haegele

Linda Haegele communicated with a number of Wenonah Military Academy alumni to help understand what daily life was like there in the 1920s.

Read per paper by clicking on the link below. But first a few words about the author.

Linda Haegele, a Gloucester County
College student wrote this piece in 1989 as
a research paper with help from members of
the Academy Alumni Association.
According to Mr. Joe DiLemmo, then
President of the Association, “Everyone was
most cooperative and as a result she
received an A+ for a grade.”

1911 Postcard 9 Views of Wenonah

Too bad the card was processed on paper with such a rough texture. Scenes from the parade ground in the park to Wenonah Lake and Ogden Rd are included.

The card was sent on February 19, 1911 from S. S. Vierick in Wenonah to Mrs A. E. Ogden, of Mickleton. If the weather held she would take the 1 PM train to Mickleton.

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1915 Wildwood video with Dr. Lorence of the Wenonah Military Academy

Charlie Horan found this video of Wildwood in 1915. The connection to Wenonah? At about the 1:49 mark, Dr. Lorence of the Wenonah Military Academy and his wife arrive at the Hotel Adelphi-Witte in Wildwood.
Click on the link below to watch the video.


You can go to this link to get another look at the Hotel Adelphi-Witte.


Wenonah Inn Silverware

Kathryn MacGregor's donation of Wenonah Military Academy items included this silverware, which was first used at the Wenonah Inn, and then at the Wenonah Military Academy.

The Wenonah Inn was open from about 1880 until 1904 when it became the Wenonah Military Academy.