1915 Wildwood video with Dr. Lorence of the Wenonah Military Academy

Charlie Horan found this video of Wildwood in 1915. The connection to Wenonah? At about the 1:49 mark, Dr. Lorence of the Wenonah Military Academy and his wife arrive at the Hotel Adelphi-Witte in Wildwood.
Click on the link below to watch the video.


You can go to this link to get another look at the Hotel Adelphi-Witte.


Wenonah Inn Silverware

Kathryn MacGregor's donation of Wenonah Military Academy items included this silverware, which was first used at the Wenonah Inn, and then at the Wenonah Military Academy.

The Wenonah Inn was open from about 1880 until 1904 when it became the Wenonah Military Academy.

Wenonah Military Academy Copper Plate for postcard.

Wenonah resident Lauren Leer donated this copper plate, which was used for printing postcards of the Wenonah Military Academy, to the Wenonah Historical Society. The inscription on the postcard reads "Wenonah Military Academy; Wenonah, NJ; Pub. by H. Heinkel." Larry Smith hopes to print an actual postcard.

A positive image obtained through photo software reveals the following possible result of actually printing from the plate. In both cases the rectangle is skewed by the camera angle.