Wenonah 1874

Wenonah 1874. Courtesy of WHS Museum.

Description of photo by Frank Gramenzi.
Mantua Ave there to the left looking east towards Glassboro Road. Small white fence (above rail cars) is the edge of the park, The Wenonah House upper right. Photographer standing on S West Ave by Post Office.

Wenonah House, circa 1872

Here's the program for Wenonah's very first July 4th celebration. It's from 1872, the same year the Wenonah House was opened and the year before Wenonah was incorporated. In 1872, there were 10 houses in Wenonah and during the summer season, the 40-room Wenonah House was fully booked. Two more items that you may find interesting: the celebration started at 5:00 AM and ended at 11:30 PM --- a full 18 1/2 hours; and dinner and supper could be purchased from the Wenonah House for 75 cents and 50 cents, respectively.

Photo courtesy of WHS.

Sinclair Station, circa 1960

Some very nice photos were donated on May 3, 2015, to the WHS Museum by Cindy Norris, the daughter of Ed and Nancy Fredrick. This one is of the Sinclair Station, which was located on the corner of W Mantua Ave and S West Ave. I remember it well and I'm sure many of you do, too,

Sinclair leaped ahead of most of its competitors with H-C, the industry's original high octane premium gasoline for motor cars.

Deed for Lot 4 Section S S, now 301 W. Mantua Avenue.

Here's one of many original deeds in the WHS Museum of early land transactions in Wenonah. This deed is for a lot sold by George W. Bailey to The Mantua Land and Improvement Company in 1886. The lot, which is at the northwest corner of Mantua Ave and Lincoln Ave, was sold for $300. (Note that Lincoln Ave was once known as Hamilton Ave.)

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"New Mantua" Train Station

A Brief History of the Borough of Wenonah

In December 1870, a railroad station, which was much too elegant to transport produce form the local farmers, was about all that stood in the beginning of the town that we now know as Wenonah. There were farms, mainly growing sweet potatoes, but they had been there long before the train station.

1993 Borough of Wenonah Activity Calendar

100th Anniversary Wenonah Train Station Built in 1893, it was described in the newspapers as Wenonah's new handsome station. It replaced the small "Mantua Station at Wenonah" built in 1870. After closing of passenger service in 1949, it was abandoned and fell into disrepair. Through the efforts of the Railroad Station Restoration Committee and many involved citizens, it was restored and is now Wenonah's handsome community center—a tribute to its hundredth birthday.