206 E. Willow St

Here's the first photo from Rick Mitchell --- 206 East Willow Street from the South Princeton Avenue side. This photo was given to Rick by Sue McNally when Rick and Marna Carlton closed on the purchase of the house. The photo is undated, but Rick suspects it was taken earlier than 1913 when some changes were made to the house.

206 E. Willow was built in 1888. The original owner was Charles Wilkens.

View the second photo here.

3 East Poplar St.

This 1925 photo of 3 East Poplar Street is the oldest of the four photos that Christian Limbert gave Carol Wiltsee. Janet Hutchinson Limbert, Christian's mother, is on the right and Valentine (Val) Roth, a long-time Wenonah resident, is on the left. Janet and Val were the grandchildren of Arthur E. Davis.

Winter scene at the same address circa 1935.

Winter of 1942.

Wenonah Cemetery post card

Rick Mitchell recently donated four postcards to the Wenonah Historical Society. Here's the first one --- a very timely one since Bill Caraker and Bob Bevilacqua spoke about the Wenonah Cemetery at our last meeting.

Click on the link below the postcard to see a view of the Wenonah Cemetery from October, 2014 via Google street view.

1925 ad from The Woodbury Daily Times "Little Hardware Store"

In late 1925, an advertisement in the Woodbury Daily Times announced 3 East Mantua Avenue would be changing from Brown's Grocery Store to W.E. Seiders' Hardware and Paint Store.

Read more about the William E. Seiders store in the October, 2014 Wenonah Historical Society newsletter -

Here's a look inside the store.

1913 Program for the Formal Opening of the Y.M.C.A. Building

Inside of the program -

Current appearance of 6 N. Marion Ave., built as the first Wenonah School building in 1878, next, in 1894, when the stone school building was put into use, used as Noblit's Hall and sometimes called the Wenonah Opera House, followed by its use in 1913 as the Y.M.C.A. Building and in 1922 as the American Legion building, when the American Legion began using the old railroad station for meetings it was sold and has since been used as a residence.