West Elm St, before the bridge was built

The buildings match the east end of West Elm St where the pedestrian bridge was later built. The fence the photo was taken through was to keep school children off the tracks. The tower in the house on the left, the Wakefield house matches as do the porch pillars. Beyond the Wakefield house you can see the Burger house. The house on the right, once Mr. Bentley's house has undergone considerable renovation with the porch enclosed and a dormer added above it.

July 1, 1971 US Post Office enters a new era

The caption reads:
NEW POSTAL ERA - Wenonah Postmaster James Elberson (left) stands by as Mayor Jack Sheppard holds the flag being raised by Joseph Carbrey, Wenonah postal clerk, to signal beginning of a new era in U S. postal service with takeover of the mails by a private corporation.

On May 18, 1971 a stamp for a letter when up from 6 cents to 8 cents and stayed at 8 cents until March 2, 1974 when the stamp was 10 cents.
January 27, 2019 stamps went to 55 cents.

The old seal below in use from 1792-1971.

1916 Circa, Wenonah School Class

Here's another class photo from Wenonah School, circa 1916 (courtesy WHS museum).

Top Row: Gladys Mason, Dorothy S. Shuman, Adele Langston, Evelyn Wright, ?, Miss Ellis, ?, ?, ?, Josephine Broes

Middle Row: ?, Josephine Fink, Ed Carlson, ?, Edward Grosscup, Harry Loper, Charles Garver, Jack Warren, Paul Sargent, ?, Muriel Akin, ?

Bottom Row: Frankie Broes, Henry Fredrick, Boysi Stevenson, ?, Charles Holloway, J. Davis Scott, Charles Fredrick, Paul Reinhard, William Wagner, Joseph Steuber, DeHart Fink

A little bit about one student, Adele Langston.

Original Tea House

The tea house was built for Robert Comey in 1911.

Julie Ream wrote:
We are trying to locate an original print of this photograph of the teahouse at Comey's Lake. The Wenonah Environmental Commission plans to make a permanent sign to place in the teahouse regarding its history and current usage/care. We have photocopies of this image but higher resolution would be better for reproduction. If anyone has an original print and would allow it to be scanned and used for this purpose, please contact me or anyone on the Environmental Commission. Thank You!

1938 Warner's Lake bridge

Donald G. Gehring shared this 1938 photo of the 130' wooden bridge across the north end of Warner's lake. Notice the small bridge across to the right. There were several of these around the lake where small springs flowed. You could walk around the lake w/o getting
mud on your shoes. Kids are Doug & Don Gehring.