Wenonah Elementary Staff late 1950s


Sandy Dipper shared the photo - Mike Morgan adjusted the contrast
May 6, 2010
the teachers.
Names I remember for sure are Kaufmann, Myers, Green, Ralston, Sandra Dunn, Ferrara, Mr Mickel (art teacher) Mr. Summerill (principal).
2nd row, 2nd from left name sounds like Zykoff (not sure of spelling) was 5th-6th grade teacher. Top row 3rd from left was kindergarten teacher. I had most and recognize all but do not recall all of their names. My report cards with other school photos are somewhere in studio, need to locate them.

Denise Mecholsky Warrington provided these IDs
(T)Brennan, Kaufman, Kell, Shields
(M) Green, Broomall, Ralston, Manners, Dilks, Summeril
(B) Mickle, Daniels, Fuller, Dunn, Ferrara

Bob Thomas From back row to front I think that I recognize these teachers [corrections in ID and
spelling welcome] -- back row -- Mrs. Brennan, Mrs. Anne Kaufman, Mrs. Broomall, Mrs. Shirley Myers,
Mrs. Shields. Middle row, ??, ??, Mrs. Kathryn Ralston, Ms. Anne Manners, ??, Mr ??. front row,
Mr. ??, ??, Mrs. Fuller, Mrs Sandra Dunn, Mrs. Irene Ferrara.