Football Teams, Beginning in 1904.

The Wenonah Military Academy's first football team (1904) ... courtesy of Jack Sheppard Sr and the WHS museum.

Top man not known.

L-R Back Row:
Henry Powell '06, Alex Middleton '05, Capt. Percy Jones, Ross Menwin, George Fox '07, Tom Gillingham '07

Front Row:
E. LeGrand Reeves '06, Bill Coffin '07, Russell R. Barrett '08, Charles Dickinson '07, Clarence Hoy, Oscar Hohenstadt, D. Harlow McDermid '07


1, Harry; 2, Morino; 3, Hurwitz; 4, Josephy; 5, Rosenberg; 6, Huff; 7, Weiner; 8. Hirsch; 9, Coble; 10, Sparks, Mgr.; 11, Molyneux; 12, Anglada; 13, Miles: 14, Borzillo; 15, Rivas; 16, Kirsch; 17, Wise; 18, Ardes; 19, Mr. Baker, Coach; 20, Anglemoyer; 21, Arnold; 22, Kelly; 23, MacCarter; 24, Jim Haffey, Capt.; 25, Barhyte; 26, Jack Haffey; 27, Knecht; 28, Peoples.
28 Central Eve. H.S.. 0
16 George School...... 0
13 Ursinus Freshmen...0
7 Pennington .... 0
7 National Farm School........ 7
7 Trenton Normal... 0
7 Bryn Athyn .......... 0
Wenonah was rated by many writers and followers of foot ball as being the most powerful prep school eleven in New Jersey. It was one of the best seasons for Wenonah since the days of Jimmie Pickens, Dartmouth athlete, and “Dutch" Reichelderfer. Not a single defeat was registered against the team. The greatest achievement of the season was the victory over Pennington, Wenonah's most cherished rival, two weeks after Pennington had held Peddie to a scoreless tie.


Front row-Frome, Kutz, White, De Mattheis, Reesman, Hepburn, Heggan, Mills. Second rowReynolds, Faries, Morrison, Bream, Capt.: Westcott, Probsting, McCouch, Muser. Back row-Kirschner, Asst. Mgr.; Shuman, Knepper, DiLemmo, Peters, Coach Baker, Okle wicz, Switzer, Stretch, Greenig, Foley, Mgr.
18 Central Evening High 0
7 Rutgers Freshmen 0
21 Tome School 7
0 Ursinus Freshmen 0
6 Allentown Prep ..7
33 LaSalle Prep 0
32 Drexel Freshmen 0
27 Emerson School 0
6 West Point Plebes 55
Longest and hardest schedule Wenobah ever attempted. Season was successful. Six games were won, one tied, a one-point defeat by Allentown, and a decided reverse by West Point Plebes. Line averaged a fraction less than 160 pounds, and display of fight and courage was remarkable. Veteran backfield of Shuman, Peters and Oklewicz, with the fourth place filled by either Stretch or Knepper, was the best set of ball carriers Wenonah ever had. Line play was featured by Captain Bream, a player of courage and keen perception and a good leader and pivot man. McCouch and Reynolds, ends, were alert, and Morrison and Westcott, guards, defended well. Coached by G. B. Baker (Gettysburg).