Wenonah Military Academy Cadet, Ken Stroh

This photo was recently donated by Lynda Bovey McCombs. The Wenonah Military Academy cadet is Ken Stroh (1901-1971). Lynda believes he was her mother's cousin. Perhaps, we should compile a list of all WMA graduates.

Below you can see a link to a June 12, 1913 Philadelphia Inquirer that lists the names of the graduates of the Wenonah Military Academy for 1913. [See column 4 toward the bottom -- just above New Jersey Notes.] They are listed below.

Frank E. Wescott Davis
Jacob Vickers Foreman
George Courson Morris, from Newberry, PA., went on to graduate from Pennsylvania State College in 1917, majored in Dairy Husbandry
Wendell Holmes Walker
Stanley Miller Wilsey, from Newark, NJ, first attended Rutgers, then went to University of Wisconsin, where he was a junior in 1916 majoring in Agriculture and on the gym team.

The ceremony was held in the new drill hall.