206 E. Willow St


Here's the first photo from Rick Mitchell --- 206 East Willow Street from the South Princeton Avenue side. This photo was given to Rick by Sue McNally when Rick and Marna Carlton closed on the purchase of the house. The photo is undated, but Rick suspects it was taken earlier than 1913 when some changes were made to the house.

206 E. Willow was built in 1888. The original owner was Charles Wilkens.

View the second photo here.

Here's the third photo provided by Rick Mitchell. This one is circa 1950 so it's not as old as the first two, but it comes with an interesting story. The photo was given to Rick by WHS member Geoffrey Schulz, who discovered it after the death of his mother and long-time Wenonah resident, Lucy Schulz. Lucy was the daughter of William Thatcher, who owned 206 East Willow Street for 50 years, from 1920 to 1970. Rick noted that the little tree in the front of the house seems to be placed precisely where a large maple now stands, begging the question --- is it the same tree?