Notes from the Wenonah Inn Register, June, 1896


[transcription of note to Mr. John Wanamaker]

June 25, 1896

Mr. John Wanamaker
13th & Market Sts.

Dear Sir:
We have not yet had
bill for the Waste Paper baskets
and _gata ware shipped
by on you our order #43
June 8/96.
Please have detailed bill
sent at once.

Yours truly,
Wenonah Inn
by Howard Hall

[transcription of note to Mr. Thos Bradley]

June 27, 1896

Mr. Thos Bradley,
Market and 21st Streets

Dear Sir:
The strips of bacon that you
sent are not satisfactory and I
return them to you on this date
by West Jersey Express.
Narrow strips of good lean
bacon are what is wanted.
If you have bacon of that
kind you many send six pieces
to the Inn.
The Manager and Chef report
that the Calves head that you sent
is not fit for use in making
soup. They say that the Calves
head should be fresh. The one
you sent was frozen.

Yours truly,
Howard Hall

[these scans were shared by WHS members Vicki and Lou McCall]